A Circular 2


  • Real Estate by David Antin

  • Empty Words (Part III) (1.18–1.28) by David Morris

  • Flags, Stars and Signs by Richard Hollis

  • 1972 by Pedro Neves Marques

  • Dieter Roth’s Trophies Rotated by James Langdon

  • The poet is a fake fancying feigner who feign and conceal is a faker pretender a feigner a forger a forger pretender are liars inventor pretending a feigner pretend is a faker by Patrick Coyle

  • Out in the Streets (0.00–0.10) by David Morris

  • Extract from ‘Fugue’, a Biography by Roger Laporte

  • Positioning the Residual Wayne Daly in conversation with Sean Lynch

  • To Art (Reg. Intrans. V.) by Adrian Piper

  • Middle of Nowhere by Will Holder

  • Happily Ever After (2.06–2.16) by David Morris

Autumn 2012
210×265mm, 96 pages, offset printed.

£10 + shipping

A Circular 1


  • The Chair of Decency by Stefan Themerson
  • Never Odd or Even by Fay Nicolson
  • Under the Counter-Culture by Robin Fior
  • The Impostor by Nathanael West
  • Open Letter to Monotype by Open Source Publishing
  • A Knight in the White House, A Quarrel with a Post Marxist by Mathew Whittington
  • Middle of Nowhere (continued) by Will Holder
  • Notes of intention for a letter to the film by Maël Fournier-Comte
  • Throwing A Rubber Band in the Air by Xavier Antin

Edited and designed by
Afonso Martins & Pedro Cid Proença

Summer 2011
148×210mm, 112 pages, offset printed.

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A Circular will be launched at The Barber Shop, Lisboa, on Tuesday 20 September, 7pm. Drinks will be served.


A Circular will be displayed in the SHOW RCA 2011 at the Royal College of Art, London,
24 June – 3 July (closed 1 July). It will also be available for purchase at the Show shop.


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